Every tourist faces difficulties in a foreign country. There are difficulties with the local language, money, features of mentality. The maximum that you can get from the Internet is the list of attractions and a map of their location. We offer tour guide services in Minsk and Belarus. In the afternoon we will accompany you when visiting museums, theaters, historical monuments, and at night bars, clubs and restaurants. We will help you to buy tickets, provide translation services and transport services. You do not need to use public transport or hire a taxi every time – a comfortable car with a personal driver will be at your disposal.

Minsk Guide

The main difficulty for a tourist in Minsk is that not many residents of Minsk speak English. It creates problems to learn the schedule of work of museums, theaters, exhibitions. Most public transport drivers, taxi drivers, ticket sellers also do not speak English.

Renting a car from us you get an assistant and a Minsk guide who will help you cope with all the difficulties, solve the attendant tasks and visit the largest number of Minsk attractions so that you can concentrate on getting impressions.

Minsk Nightlife Guide

Minsk is famous for its cleanliness, architecture, night illumination and of course beautiful girls. In Minsk, a large number of bars, restaurants and clubs. However, how to choose something suitable for you?

Minsk Restaurants

You prefer European cuisine, Thai, Indian, or you want to try the dishes of national Belarusian cuisine. Our Minsk nightlife guide will describe the pros and cons of all restaurants and help you choose the most suitable. Because not all menus in English, he will translate for you the composition of the dish and tell you how it is cooked, will help to understand the Belarusian money and pay the bill correctly.

Also, you should not think about moving from one restaurant, bar or club to another. Your rented car will always be waiting for you at the entrance.

Minsk Clubs

And of course that for a vacation without visiting the club with loud music, alcohol and beautiful girls. Our Minsk nightlife guide will talk about nightclubs, the public in them, exclude problems with the dresscode at the entrance to the club and help you with the translation so that you can easily make new acquaintances and spend time in a pleasant company of new friends or girls.

We will also see that you have not been deceived with the bill and you have not paid too much.

Minsk Bars

In Minsk a huge number of bars for every taste. This and pathos on the upper floors of skyscrapers, and pubs, and bars of various destinations of alcoholic beverages and countries. It would be foolish to spend all night in one bar and not to visit others. Our guide will pick up the most interesting for you and will carry you from one to another as much as you need or how much you can not sleep and at the end will drive to your hotel or apartment.

Belarus Travel Guide

Belarus is a big enough country and far from all the sights are concentrated in Minsk. A lot of sign and beautiful places, monuments of architecture, museums, ancient castles are located all over Belarus at a distance up to 300 kilometers from Minsk. So that you can visit any of them and there is our company. Here you can rent a car with a driver for any time and distance.

Price for Minsk Guide Services

Business Car

EUR30per hour
  • Free Wi-Fi, Device Charger, Bottle of Water

Premium Car

EUR60per hour
  • Free Wi-Fi, Device Charger, Bottle of Water