Latest information about COVID-19 in Minsk

We collect all information about Coronavirus COVID-19 in one table.  The number of confirmed cases, recovered cases and a number of death update regularly. From March 30th the Ministry of Health of Belarus don’t publish any information about number of infected people in Belarus. From 17th April no official information again. 

DateTotal ConfirmedTotal RecoveredTotal Deaths
02 Nov 2020100 40087 400989
26 Oct 202089642941
31 Aug 20207184370468681
13 Jul 20206511455492468
06 Jul 20206355450871423
25 Jun 20205994540136362
20 Jun 20205793636794343
17 Jun 20205603232735324
15 Jun 20205468030420312
26 May 20203805915086208
24 May 20203619814155199
23 May 20203524413528194
22 May 20203430312833190
21 May 20203337112057185
20 May 20203242611415179
19 May 20203150810620175
18 May 20203057210130171
17 May 2020296509932165
16 May 2020286819498160
14 May 2020267728268151
12 May 2020248736974142
11 May 2020239066531135
10 May 2020229736406131
09 May 2020220526050126
08 May 2020211015484121
07 May 2020201685067116
06 May 2020192554388112
05 May 2020183503771107
04 May 2020174893259103
03 May 202016705319699
02 May 202015828311797
01 May 202014917291893
30 April 202014027238689
29 April 202013181207284
28 April 202012208199379
27 April 202011289174075
26 April 202010463169572
25 April 20209590157367
24 April 20208773112063
23 April 2020802293860
22 April 2020728176958
21 April 2020672351455
20 April 2020626451451
17 April 2020477934242
16 April 2020420420340
15 April 2020372820336
14 April 2020328120333
13 April 2020291920329
12 April 2020257820326
11 April 2020222617223
10 April 2020198116919
09 April 2020148613916
08 April 202010667713
07 April 2020861No information13
06 April 2020700No information13
05 April 2020502No information8
04 April 2020440No informationAt least 6 (5 official)
02 April 2020304584
01 April 2020No information582
30 March 2020152470
27 March 202094320
25 March 202086290
23 March 202081220
21 March 202076150
20 March 202069150
18 March 20205150
17 March 20203630

The first Coronavirus COVID-19 case in Belarus was discovered at the end of February 2020. It was a student of BNTU from Iran. Immediately after this, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus decided to conduct examinations and laboratory diagnostics of all citizens arriving from South Korea, Iran and Italy.

The Government of Belarus decided not to close the borders due to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19. To this day, moving around the territory is free as well as visiting. Ground and air checkpoints on the state border of Belarus are working normally, but sanitary and quarantine measures have been strengthened everywhere.

There is no shortage of medicines, antiseptics and protective medical masks in Belarusian pharmacies.

Confirmed cases

Today, March 10, 2020 in Belarus, 9 confirmed cases of Coronavirus COVID-19. Seven cases in Minsk, two cases in Vitebsk. Seven cases of Coronavirus COVID-19 recorded in Minsk are the first infected Iranian student and six members of the family with whom he was in contact. Two cases in Vitebsk are a woman arrived from a business trip from Milan and her relative.

Is it safe to travel to Belarus?

Due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 Global Cases by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Belarus in one of the safest country in the world. The total number of confirmed cases is 9. Of these, three have already been recovered.

Dispensers with an antiseptic are installed in all public places. At the airport, train station and other public places, increased security measures and additional checks are carried out using temperature measuring sensors.

The general situation in Minsk and the country is calm, there is no panic, mass events have not been canceled. Hotels, museums and other public and entertainment facilities are operating normally.


The total number of recovered people from Coronavirus COVID-19 infection in Belarus increased to three people.

On March 7, the first patient with a laboratory-confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19 was recovered. A student from Iran received a third negative test result. Two patients with whom he had close contact have also received negative test results to date.

According to the Ministry of Health, all six patients with laboratory-confirmed coronavirus COVID-19 feel good: there are no signs of the disease, the body temperature is normal. Their regular clinical and laboratory examination continues. After 14 days and after receiving negative test results, they can also be released from hospitals.

Regulations in Minsk Airport During COVID-19

On May 21, 2020, the EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency in cooperation with ECDC – European Center for Disease Prevention and Control issued a Protocol. It is the operational guidelines for the management of air passengers and aviation personnel in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. Minsk National Airport, created all the necessary conditions to ensure your safety and preserve your health.

Who Do Not Need Self–isolate Upon Arrival in Minsk (Updated)

Passengers arrived from these countries do not need to be self-isolated after arrival to Minsk. Updated 21st October 2020

South Korea

Passengers arriving from the above countries are not required to be self-insulated for 14 days from the date of arrival to the Republic of Belarus.

Important Update from 21 October 2020

On 21 October 2020 The Ministry of Health has updated the list of countries, upon arrival from which travelers will be required to isolate themselves for 10 days. These 28 countries were previously excluded from the list of “dangerous”, but now they are returned: the second wave of COVID-19 is approaching. Here they are:

France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Moldova, USA, Netherlands, Lebanon, Iceland, Czech Republic, UK, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Ireland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Canada, Bulgaria, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Malta, Israel, Spain.

Update from 03 November 2020

On 03 November 2020 The Ministry of Health has updated the list of countries, upon arrival from which travelers will be required to isolate themselves for 10 days. These 7 countries were previously excluded from the list of “dangerous”, but now they are returned: the second wave of COVID-19 is approaching. Here they are:

Germany, Albania, Italy, Cyprus, San-Marino, Monaco, Latvia