On May 21, 2020, the EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency in cooperation with ECDC – European Center for Disease Prevention and Control issued a Protocol. It is the operational guidelines for the management of air passengers and aviation personnel in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specific paragraphs of the Protocol for airports:

“Access to airport terminals should be provided only to passengers, crew members and staff (of the airport and other service providers who must enter the terminal to carry out their tasks). For accompanying persons should be allowed access to the terminal only in special circumstances (meeting a passenger with disabilities, unaccompanied children, elderly people).”

“At the airport, should be possible to distance passengers (the distance between people is 1.5 m), cleaning and disinfection of the terminal should be strengthened, and hygiene measures for personnel and passengers should be ensured.”

“Upon entering the terminal, temperature screening of all persons entering the building should be carried out. Persons with elevated body temperature are sent for re-inspection at the airport’s sanitary quarantine point. By the decision of the sanitary quarantine point, they are not allowed to undergo pre-flight and post-flight procedures at the airport.”

Minsk National Airport, created all the necessary conditions to ensure your safety and preserve your health. However, without your participation, ensuring the implementation of all the provisions of the Protocol is not possible.

To fulfill all the provisions of the Protocol, we ask passengers to observe the following rules upon arrival at the airport:

  • – use protective masks immediately after entering the terminal and before leaving the airport;
  • – treat your hands with disinfectants more often;
  • – observe the social distance while in Minsk airport (1.5 meters between people);
  • – observe breathing etiquette (covering the mouth and nose with a paper towel or with a bent elbow when sneezing or coughing, even when wearing a mask);
  • – limit direct contact (touch) of any surfaces at the airport.

Compliance with the provisions of the joint Protocol of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Center for the Prevention and Control of Disease (ECDC) will minimize the risk of the spread of Covid-19 and, as a result, accelerate the resumption of flights. Latest information about COVID-19 in Minsk: total number of infected, recovered and death.

All Passengers Must Wear Masks at Minsk Airport

Starting May 11, 2020 all passengers must wear a mask. During check-in, security screening, on buses or telescopic racks, as well as in the plane during the entire flight.
Passengers who do not comply with this requirement are not allowed to board and are suspended from the flight.

Who Do Not Need Self–isolate Upon Arrival in Minsk (Updated)

Passengers arrived from these countries do not need to be self-isolated after arrival to Minsk. Updated 21st October 2020

South Korea

Passengers arriving from the above countries are not required to be self-insulated for 10 days from the date of arrival to the Republic of Belarus.

Important Update from 21 October 2020

On 21 October 2020 The Ministry of Health has updated the list of countries, upon arrival from which travelers will be required to isolate themselves for 10 days. These 28 countries were previously excluded from the list of “dangerous”, but now they are returned: the second wave of COVID-19 is approaching. Here they are:

France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Moldova, USA, Netherlands, Lebanon, Iceland, Czech Republic, UK, Romania, Northern Macedonia, Ireland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Canada, Bulgaria, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Malta, Israel, Spain.