Discover the Heart of Belarus

From medieval castles, to glorious Minsk, Belarus is a place of wonder. We invite you to experience the quiet beauty of Minsk, beautiful historical monuments and outstanding examples of Belarusian architecture with itineraries that highlight Belarus’ most treasured points of interest.

All tour packages can be modified in any way to make your travel dreams a reality. Let’s create the exact vacation that you want. Each tour package includes the transportation of your choice from 1 to 47 people, unique experiences, and begins and ends on the specific days that you request.

Minsk City Tour
Minsk City

Private Guided Minsk City Tour

Discover the quiet beauty of Minsk during our Guided Minsk City Tour. See its historical monuments and an incredible combination of modern and Soviet Union architecture with our professional guide.

FROM€17 per person
Mir Castle Tour
Minsk - Mir city - Minsk

Private Mir Castle Tour

Mir Castle tour will be a major highlight on your journey to Belarus. The castle is a unique monument of the Belorussian culture and defense architecture of the ⅩⅤⅠ century included in UNESCO World Heritage List.

FROM€20 per person
Mir Castle Tour
Minsk - Nesvizh city - Minsk

Private Nesvizh Palace Tour

Nesvizh Palace tour focuses on an unforgettable visit to Nesvizh Palace and Park complex. It is another one pearl of Belarusian architecture treasure inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

FROM€23 per person
Mir Castle Tour
Minsk - Nesvizh Palace - Mir Castle - Minsk

Mir Castle and Nesvizh Palace Tour

On this one-day Mir Castle and Nesvizh Palace tour, you’ll visit both of major historical Belarus’s treasures – Mir Castle and Nesvizh Palace.

FROM€28 per person
Mir Castle Tour
Minsk - Brest city - Minsk

Private Brest City & Brest Fortress Tour

Brest City and Brest Fortress tour to a place where on June 22, 1941 the Great Patriotic War of the USSR against Nazi Germany began. It is the largest monument to the courage of the Soviet people during the war.

FROM€80 per person
Mir Castle Tour
Minsk - Khatyn Complex - Minsk

Private Khatyn Memorial Complex Tour

Discover a symbol of tragedy that Belarusian people experienced during the Great Patriotic War with Khatyn Memorial Complex tour.

FROM€13 per person
Mir Castle Tour
Minsk - Dudutki Museum - Minsk

Private Dudutki Museum Tour

Dudutki Museum Tour will open for you the home of Belarusian ancient crafts & technologies. Here you can try home-made vodka and bread cooked by 300-year old recipes.

FROM€20 per person
Mir Castle Tour
Minsk - Stalin Line - Minsk

Private Stalin Line Tour

Stalin Line tour to one of the world's most impressive open space museum of Soviet war equipment. Riding on tanks. Weapon, tank and armored train shooting at your service!

FROM€13 per person