There are several options available to get from Minsk airport to city center. Public transport: shuttle bus 300Э and 1400TC/1430TC minibus, taxi from Minsk airport to city center: UBER/YandexTaxi, private transfer services or rent a car – the choice is yours.

The price of getting from Minsk airport to city center depends on the way you choose. As an illustration, 1.6 EUR (4 BYN, 2 USD, 1.5 GBP) by public transport, €30 for a taxi from Minsk airport to city center and €40-200 if you rent a car.

Getting from Minsk Airport to City Centre by Taxi

Certainly, the fastest and most convenient way to get from Minsk airport to city center is a taxi cab. In our company there are two options to get from Minsk airport to city center by taxi: one-way or round trip. Must be remembered, whatever you choose we guarantee to provide you with the best possible service. Tried-and-trusted local English-speaking drivers, safe & reliable service and not to mention, a high level of comfort – it is equally important.

The cost of getting from Minsk airport to city center by taxi

The cost for a taxi from Minsk airport to city center is €30 by standard class car, €36 by business class, €45 by minivan (7 passengers), €90 by minibus (19 passengers). Price is fixed for all destination points within Minsk city. Moreover, taxes, service charges and toll roads included. In fact, it looks like a good deal for a taxi from Minsk airport located 45 km away from city center. Journey time by taxi is about 40 minutes.

We offer 24/7 online booking Minsk airport taxi to city center, hotel or apartments in Minsk using booking form. As well as by phone +375296610133 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, iMessage).

Taxi from Minsk airport to city center

Why Book a Taxi from Minsk Airport with Us:

Here is the main benefits you will get booking a taxi from Minsk airport with us:

It means that you will not need to search for a bank or currency exchange point, calculate the rates and exchange your money to unknown currency.

Fees, taxes & toll roads included. The price you see on the booking form is the total price you’ll pay for your trip

Our English-speaking drivers will provide you with valuable information about the city & give you useful tips

In our fleet all vehicle types (sedans, minivans, minibuses, buses) from premium brands. So, you can book a suitable type of the car for any size of your group from 1 to 47 passengers.

Meet&Greet included with all of our airport taxi transfers, so the driver will meet you holding a sign with your name. Your driver will track the flight. If it’s late, they’ll wait

Free cancellation is available up to 2 hours before pick up time for all booked Minsk airport transfers, without any fees

If you do not trust us, trust over 250 5-star reviews from our customers in Google and TripAdvisor.

Be careful! Avoid taxi drivers at the airport entrances!

In fact, they are legal, but their rates for a taxi from the airport to city center unreasonably high. To clarify, these taxi drivers staying at the airport entrance with badges “TAXI”, walkie-talkies and offer taxi to city center. Must be remembered, the cost of the trip to city center with these drivers in 2 or more times higher and can reach 100 euros. We regularly read a lot of stories in TripAdvisor forum about travelers who got into this trap and paid 50 euros and more. Unfortunately,  seems like travelers keep falling into that trap. So, be careful and try to avoid these drivers by all means.

In contrast to our company, these taxi drivers do not speak English, their cars are mostly older than 10 years and they haven’t insurance. To put it differently in case of a traffic accident you will not get an insurance payment.

Getting from Minsk Airport to City Centre by Public Transport

If you are not ready to pay for a taxi in that case you can get from airport to city center by public transport. First thing to remember bus route number 300Э and 1400TC/1430TC minibus go from the Minsk airport to city center with only one stop at Urucca metro station on the route. The final stop is located at the Central Bus Station (Centralniy). For this reason, public transport is not a good deal if your destination point located far away from Urucca metro station or central bus station.

At the same time it is truly perfect option if your destination point Central Train Station. To clarify, Central Bus Station is located 100 meters from the railway station (Minsk Passazhirskiy).

Bus from Minsk airport to city center

The cost of getting from airport to Minsk by public transport

The cost of the trip by bus is 4 BYN (2 EUR, 2.20 USD, 1.8 GBP, 120 RUR). You can buy ticket in the ticket sale terminal located in the airport terminal, gate 3-4 or 5-6. Also, from the bus driver before departing. Finally, online on the website (No English version, only Russian).

Must be remembered, buy ticket online as well as in the ticket sale terminal you can using credit card. From the driver only with cash. So, we recommend to exchange a small amount at the currency exchange point on the 2nd floor before your ride. Travel time is 70-90 minutes. The bus stop at the National Airport Minsk is located in the 5-6 sector. Bus timetable from Minsk airport to city center:

Departure from Bus Station “Centralniy”Departure from Minsk Airport
2.40, 3.50, 4.50, 6.05, 6.45, 7.45, 8.25, 9.05, 10.05, 10.45, 11.25, 12.05, 13.00, 13.40, 14.20, 15.00, 15.40, 16.20, 17.00, 17.40, 18.40, 19.20, 20.00, 20.45, 21.50, 22.40,, 6.25, 7.20, 8.00, 9.00, 9.40, 10.20, 11.20, 12.00, 12.40, 13.20, 14.20, 15.00, 15.40, 16.20, 17.00, 17.40, 18.20, 19.00, 20.00,20.40, 21.20, 22.05, 23.00, 0.05, 1.45, 3.40.

Rent a Car

First thing to remember, the most expensive way to get from the airport to the city is to rent a car. Similarly to all big airports, at the Minsk airport, the most famous world car rental companies are represented. Such as Avis, Budget, Sixt, Europcar. With a car, additionally, you can be provided with a child seat if you are traveling with small children.

Car rental offices located on the 1st floor (arrival level) at the arrival gate 1-2. Prices depend on the class of the car and start from 40 euros for an economy class car and up to 200 euros for a luxury car or Tesla.