French Le Figaro included Belarus in the top 20 tourist destinations in 2020.

Le Figaro drew up a list of countries that advises its readers to visit this year. Along with such exotic destinations as Madagascar, Cook Islands, Sumatra and Barbados, there are more “down to earth” options – Georgia, Slovenia, Italy and … Belarus. Journalists noted that in their opinion, the “Sleeping Beauty of Europe” is the most appropriate description for Belarus.

As an illustration of Belarusian nature, the French edition cites photo of the Braslav Lakes, accompanied by its caption: “One-third of Belarus is covered with forests, which are one of the last primary forests in Europe.” 

A separate note is the recommendation to visit Belarus from May to October. During this period, Belarus has a very warm and sunny time that will allow travelers to fully enjoy the charm of the country

Le Figaro Minsk most happening destination 2020

The publication noted that landlocked Belarus is one of the least visited places on the continent, however, having saved its historical and unusual appearance. Journalists recalled that Belarus is the birthplace of Marc Chagall and open for tourism – French citizens as well as citizen of 80 countries can take advantage of visa-free entry to Belarus for up to 30 days.

Also, Le Figaro praised the architectural richness of Minsk and the opportunity to enjoy the real nature.