From July 24 2018, the visa-free entry to Belarus for the citizens of 80 countries  (full list here) is increased from 5 to 30 days.

5 days was enough to get acquainted with Minsk or for a business meeting. However, Belarus is quite a large country and there are many interesting things outside of Minsk. Belarus is famous for its sanatoriums, recreation centers with high level of medecine and low prices, untouched beatiful nature, blue lakes, clean air and of course monuments of architecture included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The introduction of a 30-day visa-free entry will help citizens of 80 countries to open Belarus more widely, learn more about its history, see the greatest monuments, visit sport events and take advantage of all the charms of the country.

The Basic Rules of Using a 30-day Visa-free Entry:

  • – The visa-free entry to Belarus does not apply to foreigners paying official visits with diplomatic, special and other passports equal to them;
  • – Visa-free entry to Belarus for up to 30 days is available only through Minsk National Airport MSQ;
  • – Visa-free entry through the airport does not apply to persons coming to Belarus with flights from Russia or planning to get out from Belarus to Russia. Such flights are considered as National and do not have border control. This means that you must fly to Belarus from any country other than Russia and fly away from Belarus to any country other than Russia;
  • – If you will stay in Minsk more than 5 days you must register in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Also have with you:

  • – a valid passport or a document substituting for traveling abroad;
  • – money (the amount in any foreign currency or Belarusian rubles 20 EUR minimum for each day of stay or 500 EUR if the stay is full 30 days);
  • – medical insurance policy which is valid in Belarus for the amount 10 000 EUR and more. If you don’t have it you can buy it in the Minsk airport after arrival.

By following these simple rules, you will not face with any problems by crossing the border, take advantage of 30-day visa-free entry to open charming Belarus, which is also called a land of blue lakes and lungs of Europe.

If I arrived in the Republic of Belarus for 5 days can I stay for 30 days? The answer is: If, at the time of making corrections to the decree (24 July 2018), you was legally in the territory of the Republic of Belarus, yes – you can stay for up to 30 days.

Obligatory Registration of Foreigners

The current legislation obliges foreigners to register within five days in The Ministry of Internal Affairs. This means that if your visit does not exceed 5 days you do not need to register. If more than 5 days you must register. What happens if you do not register? For the first time, a warning is possible, a fine of up to 500 EUR or deportation.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has prepared a bill, according to which without registration it will be possible to stay in Belarus up to 10 days. But so far this document has not been adopted and signed by the president. So, don’t forget to register in the Ministry of Internal Affairs if you decide to stay in Minsk more than 5 days.