At a meeting of the permanent commission of the parliament on international affairs Deputy Chief of the Main Consular Department said that in 2018, plans to increase visa-free entry to Belarus for 10 days for travelers arriving via the National airport “Minsk”.

For the period of the II European Games the term of visa-free entry through the National airport “Minsk” will be increased to 30 days. Then it is planned to extend its effect to all checkpoints, not only airport.

This year it is expected about 80 000 visa-free entries to Belarus. This negatively affects on the income from the sale of visas. However, this will not affect financial losses for the Belarus, as there is an increase in the export of tourist services. For January-August, tourist services were provided for about $ 90 millions, while losses from non-issued visas amounted to about $ 12 millions. This is a positive experience, and it needs to be developed, said Alexander Ganevich.

We remind that to use visa-free entry to Belarus the traveler schould arrive in Minsk International Airport, depart from it and use only an international flight. All information about visa-free entry to Belarus we collected in one easy to understand article.

Updated 02.04.2018

The extension of the visa-free entry period from 5 to 10 days through the National Airport Minsk MSQ is expected before the end of this year. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism of Belarus, Mikhail Portnoy on 02.04.2018.

At two tourist destinations, a 10-day visa-free entry regime is already in effect. The National Airport Minsk is also actively involved in the process of increasing the length of stay. I am sure that by the end of the year a positive decision will be made. On security, the visa-free entry regime does not affect. At the same time it positively affects on the economy andthe political image of the country around the globe, – said Mikhail Portnoy.