Airliner Qatar Airways after the longest in the history of commercial flight landed in New Zealand. This was reported in microblogging carrier on Twitter.

We have officially landed in New Zealand, Land of the Long White Cloud (so-called indigenous people of the country – Ed…) “, – Says the publication.

The flight lasted a little more than 16 hours. According to British newspaper The Guardian, the board sat down for a few minutes before the estimated time.
The plane departed from the airport of the capital of Qatar, Doha, February 5 at 05.10 (the same as Minsk), scheduled landing time in Auckland – 07.30 (21.30, Minsk) on 6 February. He had to spend 16 hours 20 minutes in the air, but because of the change of time zones “duration” of flight was 1,5 days.

The aircraft covered the distance in 14.500 kilometers. The crew included 4 pilots and 15 flight attendants who carried the 1.100 cups of tea and coffee, 2.000 drinks and 1.036 portions of food.

The return trip will last longer and will be 17 hours and 30 minutes.

It is expected that in 2018 a record of Qatar Airways will beaten Singapore Airlines, snaring make non-stop flights on the route Singapore – New York.