At the end of February, 2019 Euronews TV channel began broadcasting an image video dedicated to the 2nd European Games. Minsk will take the Games in June of this year. The Organizing Committee with each day increases its activity. In December the Belarusian side signed a cooperation agreement with the TV channel, so today another video appeared.

This time video longer than 30 seconds. A full report with the participation of the General Secretary of our NOC, George Katulin, Olympic champion Darya Domracheva and Miss Belarus Maria Vasilevich. Pleases beautiful shooting and English of the whole trio.

2nd European Games in Minsk

Games will be held from 21 to 30 June. These are international complex sports competitions among athletes of our continent, which are held every four years. Participants will identify the strongest in 15 sports. Competitions in 8 types will qualify for the XXXII Olympic Games in 2020, which will take Tokyo.