Minsk National Airport launch a new service for late passengers. Since August, a service FastTrack for late passengers has been introduced at the National Airport Minsk. The service will allow passengers, after checking in for a flight, to pass a preflight inspection in a priority order through a separate inspection point.

The cost of the service is 20 rubles. During August, FastTrack will run in a test mode.

To use the service, passenger must be registered for the flight and have a printed boarding pass and a paper receipt for payment for this service. If these documents are available, passengers of international flights may proceed to the search point “A” for the passage of a preflight inspection.

For children under 3 years old the service is free. FastTrack can be paid via infokiosk installed at the entrance to inspection point “A”. After payment, you must print the check and present it together with your boarding pass at inspection point “A”. For those who will pay at the infokiosk, select the “Popular” tab on the main screen payments, then the payment method (payment by card or cash), go to “FastTrack”in the list of payments, enter the ticket no. or booking no. After payment with a receipt, go to the checkpoint “A”. After payment is made, the funds will not be refunded.