From May 1, 2019 the national airport “Minsk” has changed the hand baggage inspection system: everything that is more than 56×45×25 cm cannot be taken on a plane. As a result, all hand baggage travelers should place in a special trays that will go to the introscope. Without a tray, hand luggage will not go anywhere.

The tray will also not move if baggage dimensions exceed 56×45×25 cm, since it will be technically impossible to inspect such luggage. In that case passenger will be returned to the check-in counter for baggage. These dimensions are set by the International Air Transport Association. Discover all “Belavia” baggage allowance rules and dimensions.

Administration of the airport reported the launch of new system reduce the time required for inspection procedure and increase the capacity of the point, which is especially important in the run-up to the summer season. The system also include automatic return trays in inspection points.