In late December, the Minsk National Airport MSQ for the first time in history took a four-million passenger. The number of arrivals and departures to / from the Belarusian capital grew by almost 21% in 2017.

The National Airport Minsk demonstrating such a significant growth not for the first time. Over the last 15 years, passenger traffic has grown by an average of 18% per year. Even higher growth than this year, recorded five times: in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2016. and in 2007 the number of passengers increased by almost a third.

According to the results of ten months of 2017, Belarus was on the eighth place in Europe in terms of passenger traffic growth.

Top 10 European countries in terms of passenger traffic growth:

Georgia 46%
Moldova 32%
Iceland 30%
Romania 27%
Ukraine 25%
Bosnia and Herzegovina 24%
Albania 23%
Belarus 21%
Bulgaria 21%
Poland 20%

Apart from Iceland, all the countries from the TOP 10 are Eastern European. The number of air passengers is increasing in most countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

The number of people arriving in Minsk was influenced by the introduction of a five-day visa-free entry to Belarus through the National Airport Minsk. The more days without a visa, tourists can stay in the country, the more chances for the Minsk airport to meet a five-million tourist, and such conversations are conducted (Visa-Free Entry Will be Increased to 10 Days).

However, Belarus remains the only country on the continent that does not fly any classic lowcost airline.