The British Independent named Minsk #1 in top 10 European cities to visit in 2019.

Arguing its choice, the newspaper notes that Minsk will receive the 2nd European Games this June (21-30 June 2019). More than 4,000 athletes from 50 countries will compete for medals in 15 sports and 23 disciplines. The modernised Dinamo Stadium in the city center will be the heart of this great sport event.

Minsk Destination 2019

The other reason to visit Belarusian capital, looking for a place for the next trip – 30-day visa-free entry. Next reason is the atmosphere of Minsk. Old Town with its coffee shops and bars, monumental Soviet architecture with long avenues, neo-classical palaces and stately squares. And don’t forget about Minsk cleanliness, safety and friendliness.

Also, The Independent considers visiting Minsk as inexpensive, however, newspaper warns to don’t expect that everyone speak English. And we totally confirm this warning.

In addition to Minsk, the newspaper recommends to visit in 2019 Rotterdam (Netherlands), Sitges (Spain), Arles (France), Sarajevo (Bosnia), Rome (Italy), Disneyland Paris, Belgrade (Serbia), Venice (Italy), Bristol (United Kingdom).

In Addition

Recall, earlier in 2017, Minsk reached the top 5 popular tourist destinations among Russians in the New Year’s holiday.