National airport “Minsk” MSQ is the main and the only airport in Minsk.  As well as in all airports around the world inside and outside Minsk airport you will see a lot of taxi drivers offering Minsk airport taxi service. They wear badges with big letters TAXI and carry walkie-talkies. But do not get into this trap. These drivers are real hunters for frivolous tourists. Do not settle for a trip with them. And that’s why:

  • – The price for transfer is not fixed and can be up to 140 EUR (actual record). They will offer to go on taximeter. At the destination point on taximeter you will see crazy amount and will have to pay. It is because taxi drivers can set any price per kilometer.
  • – Their cars are older than 10 years.
  • – The drivers speak English very limited.
  • – They haven’t any accounts in social networks and travel forums. It is impossible for you to read reviews from other travelers about certain driver, his car and write your review if you was dissatisfied with something and want to warn other travelers.

Here are a few stories from travel forums from the customers who used such Minsk airport taxi services:

“They act like City Taxi or Pirate taxi. When Mercedes arrived in the hotel we got 90 rubles (50 euros). The journey was comfortable, but I do not know if it was necessary.” – TripAdvisor Review.

“Taxi from airport – did we get ripped off?
Hi wanted some help to clarify if we got ripped off with our taxi from the airport. We thought it was an official taxi as we went to the rank and airport official radioed for car and I even asked if it had a meter. The journey took 30mins from airport to our apartment in Sovetsky District and it cost us 105BYR (55 EUR) which I felt was excessive but can’t argue the price if not discussed prior to leaving.” – TripAdvisor Forum post.

Booking Minsk airport taxi service with us you will get a fixed price & no hidden extras, premium brand cars not older 2012 year (BMW, Lexus), professional and well-trained English-speaking driver. All our rates include Meet&Greet service in the arrivals with a board with your name & bottled water for every passenger in the car. Click the button below or complete booking form on the right to make a reservation. We earned Certificate of Excellence 2018, 2019 and Travelers’ Choice Award 2020 from TripAdvisor for over 280 5-star reviews and excellent rating in Google.

Taxi in Minsk

There are a lot of taxi in Minsk. But be careful! Do not use a taxi stopped on the street! Try to book a taxi in Minsk by phone, through a mobile app, ask the hotel or restaurant administrator to book a taxi for you – this will guarantee you a low and fair fare of your trip. Minsk taxi services have freedom of pricing. If you stop a taxi on the street its driver has the right to set any cost for a 1 km of the trip, as individual entrepreneur and this can be 1, 3, 5 or even 10 euros per 1 km.


Also in Belarus is Uber. However, the operation system of this service in Belarus is very different from other countries. Uber does not cooperate with each driver individually. Instead, Uber works with companies that have bought a lot of cars and hired drivers. In fact, Uber in Belarus has turned into an ordinary Minsk taxi company, and drivers do not care about their reputation and rating.

They drive very fast and therefore unsafe. This is due to the high commissions of the Uber and the company that hired them (the driver gets only about 25% from the price of ride). In 2017, 3 Uber passengers died in the road accidents in Minsk.

In 2018, Uber merged with Yandex.Taxi and the service level fell even more.

Here is what Uber’s users in Minsk write:

The driver got out of the car to load baggage into the trunk. Passenger, in order not to freeze, got into the car, into the back seat, – what can happen? Passenger arrived to the airport. There the passenger found out that only one suitcase was in the trunk. The other, with expensive photographic equipment, was not in the car. The passenger asked the driver where is the second suitcase. And he answered: “The second suitcase did not fit in the trunk, I left it. Happy journey!”. And just left: the payment is made automatically on the card, even the driver could not be detained in any way.  –

The driver was very young, about 20. Next was a very extreme trip. Moving along Mayakovsky street, the driver sharply pressed the gas pedal and at a speed of 100 on the speedometer or just above, he began to overtake the bus on the rightmost lane. I asked him to follow the rules and go at an acceptable speed because a child is in the car but the driver began to argue and called the police. –

On the Minsk ring road, an Uber Renault Logan car with wheels of different diameters got into an accident.  It is determined that all the wheels installed on the Renault Logan are different: types of discs, tires and even the diameter of the discs differ – 14, 15, 16 inches. There is something similar in these wheels on all tires, the protector is badly worn. The driver explained that he is a driver of Uber. The car is not his. The man said that what transport he was given by Uber, this is what he is working on, – the road police noted. –