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Belarus Has Established a Visa-Free Entry for Citizens of 80 Countries

Republic of Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko on January, 9 2017 adopted a decree № 8 "On establishment of visa-free entry and exit of foreign citizens." The document establishes a 5 days visa-free entry to Belarus through the "National Airport Minsk" for citizens of 39 European states (incl. all EU), the United States of America, Indonesia, Japan and Brazil. This is primarily favorable for the States unilaterally determine the visa-free entry for [...]

January 10th, 2017|

Minsk National Airport Began Reconstruction

Now near the airport is a construction of the second runway, because the lifetime of current has already expired and it needs renovation. In addition, planed to develop at a location nearby the center of business aviation, an office complex with a hotel and parking, laying new streets to Shemetava village. The existing airport terminal building, if necessary, finish building, it will turn construction in the form of a [...]

January 10th, 2017|

Official: Belarus Reduces the Cost of Visas for Foreigners to € 60 Since January, 1

January, 1 2017 will apply the new uniform rates of consular fees for issuing visas, provided in the new edition of the Tax Code of the Belarus. The consular fee for the issuance of individual visa (regardless of the number of entries) will be € 60, for the issuance of group visas - € 10 / person. This information appeared on the website MFA of Belarus. The decision of [...]

December 23rd, 2016|

Belarus is Going to Reduce the Cost of Visas for Foreigners Next Year

This was announced by Head of Information Department - Press Secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Mironchik. However, for which countries, and how to change the cost of visas, he did not specify. Some categories of visas for certain countries of the European Union will become much cheaper, - noted Dmitri Mironchik. However, the residents of which countries will be cheaper to travel to Belarus, he did not [...]

December 21st, 2016|

The Decision on Visa-Free Visits to Belarus Through the National Airport is Possible by Year’s End.

https://www.minskairporttransfer.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/Visa-free-Visits-to-Belarus-Through-National-Airports.jpg According to Director of the Department of Tourism Ministry of Sport Vitaly Gritsevich, the decision on visa-free entry to Belarus to foreigners through the National airport "Minsk" can be taken before the end of the year. The question is in development stage. The solution is possible before the end of this year. For us it is very important to test the visa-free entry through the National Airport. [...]

December 21st, 2016|