5 Days Visa-Free Visiting Belarus. Who & How?

All information about 5 days visa-free entry to Belarus in one article. Who can use visa-free entry? How to use visa-free entry? Restrictions, usefull advices, necessary conditions and required documents.On January, 9 2017 the president of the Republic of Belarus [...]

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Minsk In the Top 10 Cheapest Cities In the World

Minsk entered the TOP 10 cheapest cities in the world for foreigners, according to the study of the Cost of Living Survey, which is annually conducted by the consulting group Mercer. In Eastern Europe, Minsk was the most accessible city. [...]

2018-06-08T18:24:25+03:00June 21st, 2017|

Private Transfer to Slavyanskiy Bazar in Vitebsk

Slavyanskiy Bazar in Vitebsk (Slavic Bazaar) - is the International Festival of Arts. The festival gathers the best and most popular artists of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other foreign countries. The first festival was held in 1992 and in 2016 celebrated [...]

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Belarus Abolished Visas for Chinese Citizens

Belarus introduces a visa-free regime for Chinese citizens holding passports for official travel. This was reported by the presidential press service on May 19 Presidential Decree No. 173 establishes a visa-free entry, exit, transit and temporary stay in the [...]

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