Refusal of food on the board, high prices for the summer and more monopoly – this way Belavia Airlines is going to pay loans for new planes.

A month ago we wrote that Belavia Airlines will take on lease five new Embraer aircrafts. The news is significant, only who will pay for them?

National carrier Belavia Airlines from May 1 on short-haul flights does not provide food like sandwiches and hot drinks. They offer only lollipops before take-off and soft drinks during the flight (juices, mors, water). You will ask why? Saving. And this is a worldwide practice, with one significant nuance: a passenger can buy snacks or hot meals on board for money. Belavia has no such possibility.

So you can not have a snack in the plane if you fly to Minsk or from Minsk in the following directions: Warsaw, Vilnius, Palanga, Zhukovsky airport and Riga. So get ready for the flight in advance and take a meal before the flight.



Belavia New Meal

High Summer Prices

According to the system of analytics, in one day prices for most of the “summer” directions rose by 22 – 47%.

400 euros (!) for direct flights to Barcelona for the summer. Is it normal? 400 euros from the airline that is not part of the alliances, is not famous for the stars SkyTrax, does not offer any special service. The airline does not make pre-sell for the summer, does not offer good prices for “hot flights”.

Belavia High Prices